At the turn of a bend, a long terracotta-colored wall invites you through the gate down a sandy road to a beautiful old basalt rock building tucked away, behind a mass of green vegetation.

The CEN clubhouse welcomes you to this peaceful enchanting place devoted to horses and tennis.

Under the shade of an immense Intendance tree, the visitor may watch riding activities in the two arenas, or let his eyes and mind wander with the sugar cane fields and woods that stretch to the horizon.

Born out of the vision and determination of a few passionate riders, CEN was the first riding club to be established in the north of Mauritius, in 1999.

Nestled among the ruins of an old sugar mill on the Mon Loisir Sugar Estate, this family club, which welcomes Mauritians, expatriates and visiting travelers, has developed into a riding school with an excellent reputation. With 35 spacious stalls, 3 large paddocks, 2 riding rings with white sand, a lunging ring, 2 tennis courts, a club house and a children’s play area, CEN offers something for each member of the family.

The managing committee is made up of club members and changes yearly, thereby encouraging those who wish to be involved in the functioning of the club. This formula has proven to generate new ideas and dynamism.